SparTechOps for Genesis 8 Female(s)

SparTechOps for Genesis 8 Female(s)


SparTechOps has made its way into the Genesis 8 line of figures with new props and new textures created inside of Substance Painter. This set has been hand crafted to automatically position and adjust itself to whichever character morph the user has dialed up. Adjustment morphs are everywhere to help you with your figure movement!

Fine tuned and detailed both in the modeling and the textures!

Some of the newly crafted items are:

- AmmoBelt - Big and bulky and probably completely overdone!
- Ammo Bag - Side pouch that attaches the the leg armor.
- Military Helmet - Attention to detail to mimic current Military helmets.
- Military Headset - Crafted just like what is being used today in the field.
- Military Goggles - Can be used with or without the Headset and can be positioned up on the helmet or down on the face.
- Military Night Vision - Modeled to resemble current Military standards and beautifully detailed.
- SparTechOps Gun - Brand new assault gun with a modern look and feel.
- SparTechOps LongGun - Brand new sniper rifle with finely detailed scope.
- Holster - That attaches to the rear shoulder area and houses the assault gun.

Dial up a character morph and the outfit custom moves, conforms and positions itself to the following Genesis 8 characters:

- Aiko 8
- Alexandra 8
- Charlotte 8
- Edie 8
- Teen Josie 8
- Monique 8
- Olympia 8
- Victoria 8
- Zelara 8

The same automatic fit happens when the character heads morphs are dialed up for the Helmet, Headset, Goggle and Night Vision. Also the Holster and secured assault rifle automatically positions itself depending on the character.

This set is an absolute must have!

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