Spanking Set For G3F & G3M

Spanking Set For G3F & G3M



- 40 Poses in total for G3F and G3M, organized into 4 folders (G3F G3M, G3F G3F, G3M G3M, G3M G3F)

- 1 Chair prop
- 1 Table prop
- 1 Paddle prop zero + 1 paddle for G3F + 1 paddle for G3M

- 1 Butt Bruise geometry shell (compatible with G3F & G3M)
- 2 Iray mats for Butt Bruise
- 15 Textures maps

Go to > PowerX > Spanking Set G3F G3M >


Determine who will be the victim of spanking. In this example I chose G3F as a victim and G3M as master.
Load a G3F and a G3M in your scene, go to subfolder "G3M G3F", select G3F and apply the pose01 G3F, select G3M and apply pose01 G3M. Go to subfolder "Furniture" and load the chair prop. If you wante use the butt bruise for G3F, go to subfolder "Butt Bruise", select G3F, load the Butt Bruise geometry shell, in your hierarchy tab select the Butt Bruise and apply the Iray mat of your choice.

About Chair and Table props: The poses 01 to poses 03 use the chair. The poses 04 and 05 use table.

About Paddle: The poses 02, 03, 04 use paddle for the master. Select the master (G3F or G3M) and load corresponding paddle available in Furniture folder, this load the paddle and the right hand pose.

Make sure you have the rotation limits of your people set to OFF: menu>edit>figure>limits
Iray shaders only.

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