Sophia for Genesis 8 Female

Sophia for Genesis 8 Female


Sophia is the third character of the EcVh0 People Series, custom sculpted, she comes with a brand new EcVh0 Skin shader that fits all kinds of conditions from HDRI to interior lighting.

She comes with 19 stunning makeups, with no brows options included, 4 eyeliner LIE, 4 blush LIE, 16 eye colors and 9 lips colors, countless of combinations!

And she also comes with 4 different body types - Original, Skinny, Muscular and Curvy, choose your liking and fit her in any scenarios!

What is EcVh0 People's Series?

EcVh0 People is a series of characters, each designed to their unique look, characteristics and background, taking a different approach towards the current meaning of a "character" in Daz 3D. It focuses on the simple things that could happen with one single person in the real world, and provides options for us to create this person at this particular time of the story line such as age, body types and more!

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