Sleep Away Camp


Sleep Away Camp is everything you need for a fun, or fear filled summer adventure. A large land base with a swimming hole at the center, is perfect for hundreds of projects on its own, add a ring of summer cabins and you have an American icon; Sleep Away Camp. The highly detailed set comes with one click loading options as well as individual prop options. The land props such as grass and sticks are divided into to four pie sections so you can turn off unused props. The trees ringing the camp are divided into two parts so you can hide half and get the shot you need, with the option to rotate a single half around the camp center.

Cabins are easily loaded to 6 pre-selected locations around the swimming hole, and a default to center for use with other sets. There is a pre-load option for Cabin number 1 loading a set of interior props included in the set, like beds and foot lockers and cabin lanterns. All props are available as single items as well.

Material settings allow you to assign a number to any cabin and hide the cabin walls and roof for a better view of the action inside. Have fun and make sure to write home.

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