Skin Doctor – Blood and Bandages for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Skin Doctor - Blood and Bandages for Genesis 8 Male(s)


The life of the Genesis 8 Male can be a hard one. Do you need wounds, scratches, cuts, bruises and blood for your Genesis 8 Male(s)? Do you need band-aids, bandages, and wraps? Introducing the new Skin Doctor - Blood and Bandages, with everything you need to rough up your Genesis 8 Male(s) and provide a little tender loving care afterward.

Skin Doctor - Blood and Bandages is a collaboration between SF-Design, Karth and RiverSoft Art. It comes with a wide variety of Layered Image Editor (LIE) materials, created from actual photo references of wounds, for all body parts to add different kinds of wounds, bruises, cuts and blood to all your Genesis 8 Male(s). Easily mix and match different presets to cover your character with realistic blood, wounds, and bruises. Also included are over 15 band-aid presets to add band-aids all over your Genesis 8 Male(s) body. Add band-aids that look like new or make them look older and bloodier. All band-aids are based on geo shells and can be moved around freely on the body part to the desired spot. Even better, there are fantastic looking bandages to cover injuries to the abdomen, feet, wrists, arms, knees, and head!

And best of all, the new SKIN DOCTOR - BLOOD AND BANDAGES EDITOR gives you unprecedented speed and ease of use in working with everything in the product. Add bandages and band-aids. Change their materials AND move the band-aids quickly and easily over the body. The new LIE editor is the fastest editor for modifying layered images in Daz Studio. Easily show or hide layers, flip layers, and change their opacity, rotation, location, and scale! The SKIN DOCTOR - BLOOD AND BANDAGES EDITOR automatically displays all wounds and blood on the selected figure (no more hunting for the correct surfaces), and it quickly and automatically updates all 4 channels used by wound and blood presets (i.e., Base Color, Translucency Color, Glossy Layered Weight, and Base Bump).

Of course, you can always also use Daz Studio's Layered Image Editor to manually apply the layer image maps to any surface, such as clothing, props, floors, walls, etc. A short manual is included, with tips and hints as well as an explanation of how to add the layers to a clothing item. All wounds and band-aids have been created using photo references of real wounds and band-aids.

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