SimTenero Voxelizer

SimTenero Voxelizer


SimTenero Voxelizer transforms your favorite scenes into stunning works of pixel art, blocky masterpieces, and cubic creations! Your props and figures are reconstructed into stacks of uniform voxels (think of a pixel, then add a third dimension). Your materials come along for the ride and can also be transformed into low res maps to compliment your new, outstanding squareness.

The user guide steps you through the simple process, selecting objects, choosing an area to be affected, even including or excluding areas by material! Then click the big VOXELIZE button and watch the script do its magic!

In addition to cubifying your scene, SimTenero Voxelizer will generate new UVs, downscale texture maps without affecting the originals, and create "Grow/Shrink" morphs to help you adjust clothing layers.

Never was it hipper to be squarer!

Still image generation only.

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