SimTenero Randomizer

SimTenero Randomizer


SimTenero Randomizer is a simple and powerful utility which randomizes the morph values of a figure. Select groups of character morphs, or individual morphs, choose a range and hit the randomize button. Done! Random!

SimTenero Randomizer works with any figure that has morphs available and with any morph package you throw at it! Change up selections and keep hitting randomize for a massive variety of results. Save your selection sets for later use and export your finished creation as a shape preset! Enough possibilities to bust your calculator!

Please note, no morphs are included in this product. Use it along with your existing figures and morphs!

SimTenero Randomizer is more powerful than ever! Choose whether or not to use a morph's limits, undo a randmized result, and use the new text filter to quickly find the morphs you want to randomize!

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