Sharona for Genesis 3 and Romper Bundle

Sharona for Genesis 3 and Romper Bundle


Sharona is a beautiful new darker skinned beauty for the Genesis 3 Female. Her green eyes and dark complexion are an intoxicating combination. She has some beautiful makeup and lip color options perfect for her, along with longer square nails and nail colors.

The Sharona Romper also comes in this bundled package. The romper is very versatile. With the right textures it can go from a comfy nightime outfit to a sexy leather piece for just about any genre. The sleeves and the snaps can be hidden. It was carefully crafted, and all popular G3 morphs and character morphs have been smoothed and perfected for an excellent fit, however, it will fit and conform to any G3 morph using auto-follow in Daz Studio.


1 Head INJ/REM
1 Body INJ/REM
2 Complete Skin MATs (Iray + 3Delight)
8 Eye Colors (Iray + 3Delight)
10 Makeup Options (Iray + 3Delight)
10 Lip Colors, in Matte and Shiny (Iray + 3Delight)
9 Nail Colors (Iray + 3Delight)

Sharona Romper:

Included in this package:

- Sharon Romper (.duf)
- Hide Sleeves MAT (.duf)
- Hide Snaps Mat (.duf)
- 7 Material Presets (Iray + 3Delight)

Also included are the following custom fit and adjustment morphs:

Adjust Crotch
Adjust Cuff Left
Adjust Cuff Right
Adjust Glute Left
Adjust Glute Right
Adjust Thigh Left Front
Adjust Thigh Left Outer
Adjust Thigh Right Front
Adjust Thigh Right Outer

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