Sexy Bodies (10 In 1)


This is a 1-click solution that will effectively 10x your actresses library. This gives you a very powerful tool to quickly diversify the scene with these various sexy body shapes. Works with V7 or any other G3 actress.

Includes the following 10 Shapes:

  • 1. Tall & Sexy
  • 2. Bootylicious & Natural
  • 3. Big Booty & Fake Tits
  • 4. Amazon Goddess
  • 5. Natural & Sexy
  • 6. Short & Skinny
  • 7. Short & Voluptuous
  • 8. Tiny & Fit
  • 9. Short & Beautiful
  • 10. Tall & Voluptuous

This extensive selection of body shapes will ensure that you have a perfect body for your scenario just a click away. Don't waste your time creating presets from scratch every time, and concentrate on unleashing your creativity with these diverse, sexy body shape presets!

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