Severed Man for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Severed Man for Genesis 8 Male(s)


The sum of ones parts can be even greater than its whole. The severed man set can allow you to explore all the separate parts that make up a man.

The geografts in this set allow you to cut off any limb on Genesis 8 Male in a variety of places. The mapping of the grafts will also allow you to use any Genesis 8 Male textures that you would like on them (with only very minor seams). Included in this set is a utility script that will allow you to instantly copy your characters textures onto the graft.

There are also Geoshell end caps for the grafts that will allow you put different cut or scar effects onto your graft.

So if you need food for your zombie, or have a science lab that grows new body parts, or a war veteran who lost a limb in service of his land, a statue that has a broken limb, this set has many possibilities.

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