Scintillant Portrait Lights for Iray


Perfect portrait lighting for characters with mid to tan skintones. Set includes 17 light sets with matched tone mapping to get the exact results that are shown in the promotional images. Light sets are created using a combination of spotlight photometric lights and emission lighting. Each set has a null light focus that the lights are parented to so that moving them up or down or turning them to match a pose is easy to do. Because the sets do not use an HDRI they can be used inside as well as in open spaces.

It also includes cameras as both camera presets that over write the existing camera in the scene or as a file that will add another camera to your scene.

There is a simple three walled space with a floor that can be used for portraits. It has 8 solid material options as well.

Lastly to round out the set is a setting that you can higher quality render settings and another that can be used to lengthen the time your render will run if you need it.

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