SciFi Spec Ops Weapons

SciFi Spec Ops Weapons


SciFi Spec Ops Weapons is contains everything you need for your stealthy covert operations in a SciFi or Modern setting.

Everything comes neatly packed in a suitcase. For your own protection, the suitcase has an automatic pop-up gun, to cover your back. It also has a removable anti static foam interior to protect your gear from shock and static discharges. The case also comes with several equipment holders that can be arranged to your liking.

The set contains a state of the art automatic lock-pick, with a built in combat knife blade, just in case. The lights out torch, named after the built in telescope arm pick axe, can both light up your day and give your heroes enemies a black out.

The Sentinel is a multipurpose fully rigged figure with several attachments. Several Sentinels can be linked together using the Sentinel Link and for a Sentinel Centipede, your choice when scouting unknown places, don't leave home without it.

The Security cracking system comes with both a key code security pad lock cracker and a special attached cable with sensors that can attached to a wall or a door and be used by the cracker. The cable has visual feedback via LEDs.

The mine, a very reliable laser trip wire mine, comes in parts to prevent it from accidentally going off. The mine comes with a standard military texture or a special dark rubber stealth coating. There are also slightly military versions if you like them rough.

And do not forget the "Slice It" high power automatic laser cutter, complete with a red hot cut and sparks and smoke.

Last but not least, the Shuricoin. It looks like a standard intergalactic 1K Credits coin, but a slight click and it turns into a deadly weapon, cash is still king.

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