Sci-fi Mood Bar Props


The Sci-Fi Mood Bar is the place where you don't have to keep your emotions to yourself, but you can show them to everyone around you. The set comes with three types of tables, a mood bar stool, two types of glasses, drink and beer and a smart coaster that will inform you about anything from the nutrition facts of of what you are drinking, to easy ask for a refill or accept a drink from someone in the bar, with a swipe. The bar stools comes with six different mood lights:

Orange for Angy, Blue for Depressed, Pink for Flirty, Red for Love, Yellow for Party and Green for Solo. The mood lights can of course be turned off. The stool also has a rotating seat with a sit morph.

The glasses comes with clean and dirty textures, and the 8 sided drink glass has an adjustable liquid level. The intelligent coasters comes with seven different information or messages, including a warning that your glass contains foreign substances, you can be safe drinking at the Mood Bar.

The set also comes with five presets, small table, long table and large table, complete with stools and coasters. it also comes with a small table after the party preset, filled with dirty glasses with left overs. The last preset is a complete bar setup.

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