Sci-Fi Fabrics Iray Shaders


Sci-Fi Fabrics is a set of 32 preset Iray shaders for Daz Studio. Apply these to your Daz Studio clothing, supersuits or furniture to create sci-fi and futuristic styles, or just give your sci-fi content a totally new look.

The presets consist of 8 sci-fi fabric designs each of which comes in 4 different style variations for totally different appearances - Matt, Shimmer, Neon and Mesh. You can change up the colours on all of these with the 30 preset fabric colours included. Mix and match designs, styles and colours.

The Neon fabric pattern is light emitting, and the colour and glow strength of the light is also changeable.

Also included are normal map strength and fabric tiling presets for quick easy adjustments to suit your Daz Studio content.

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