Schoolgirl for La Femme

Schoolgirl for La Femme


Our favorite schoolgirl-inspired look that any modern woman could easily pull off for work, school or play for La Femme.

Included is a superconforming outfit of 6 pieces modeled and rigged for La Femme and the characters she has inspired.

The set includes:

- Schoolgirl Shirt
- Schoolgirl Pleated Skirt
- School Shoes
- KneeHi Stockings
- Ruffles to convert the KneeHis to short ruffled socks
- Bikini Underwear

Also included are 4 texture sets for the Shirt and Skirt, and 2 textures for the Shoes, Socks, Ruffles and Underwear.

The socks contain custom morphs to fit the Simple Morphing Shoes and the School Shoes in this set.

Required Products: La Femme Pro - 1.1 Pro Base Figure for Poser 11

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