SASE Jennifer for Genesis 8

SASE Jennifer for Genesis 8


Jennifer an exciting beautiful & curvy character for your runtime! She's soft, delicate, and freckled and a great versatile character for your renders!

Her unique and feminine morph was created in zbrush.

As always Jennifer's skin was created using a combination of photos, hand painting and resources.

Morph Options:

• Jennifer Head Morph & Rem
• Jennifer Body Morph & Rem
• Jennifer Apply All Morph & Rem
• Jennifer Implants Apply & Rem

Jennifer Skin Options:

• Full Body Texture with bump, spec, normals

• 10 Eye Colours
• 10 Lip Colours (matte and gloss)
• 10 Eye Shadow (matte and shimmer)
• 4 Eyeliners LIE
• 2 Freckles LIE
• 1 Blush LIE

Also included:

• 3 Skintone Options
• 3 Specular Options
• Normal Maps On/Off

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