Sahara Wind for G3F

Sahara Wind for G3F


Sahara Wind for the G3 Female was inspired by popular fantasy style.

Many G3 morphs in the set have been smoothed and perfected to improve their appearance, however, you may use it with any character you like, as it will auto-fit to any G3 female morph using auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher.

- SW Dress
- SW Shorts
- SW Boots
- SW Dagger and Sheath
- SW Stockings
- SW Dagger, L & R Hands
- 33 Material Presets

The Sahara Wind Dress skirt does not move with the legs, it has four sections, and each section has two ghost bones that you can use to move and pose each section of the skirt:

- Skirt RFront 1
- Skirt RFront 2
- Skirt LFront 1
- Skirt LFront 2
- Skirt RBack 1
- Skirt Back 2
- Skirt Back 1
- Skirt Back 2

* There are also extra movement morphs for each section of the dress.
* The Dagger and Sheath for the hip also has it's own bone that can be chosen and used to position it according to the pose you are using.
* Included in the material presets are options to hide the front skirt, all the skirt, and also to hide the dagger in the sheath.
* Material presets include shaders optimized for both 3Delight AND the IRAY Render Engine.

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