RP Blue Angel for G3 and G8 Females


Blue Angel is a fantastic, sexy new set full of denim clothing that all your girls will rock! Distressed skinny jeans that hug every curve, a strapless jeans top with perfect pocket placement, matching sleeve/gloves, high heel denim boots and last but not least, a pair of angel wings for your angel's ears! And if it weren't perfect enough, there's also a pink denim option if you're not feeling so blue.

  • Blue Angel Jeans
  • Blue Angel Top
  • Blue Angel Gloves/Sleeves
  • Blue Angel Boots
  • Blue Angel Earrings
  • Blue and Pink Denim Material settings for clothing
  • Silver and Gold Mat Settings for Earrings
  • Boot Pose

This package includes shaders for Iray only.

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