Roxanne for Victoria 7

Roxanne for Victoria 7


Roxanne is a stunning new addition to the Victoria 7 Line.

With tons of face options, six regular makeups, seven fantasy makeup options, 12 lip colors, 7 eyes, five eye reflections, you're bound to find just what you're looking for.

From her custom sculpted face to her makeup, nothing is ordinary you won't see these original makeups anywhere else. They were all custom made and painted, just for her. From the girl next door, to drop dead gorgeous supermodel, from athlete to circus star, Roxanne has you covered and will fly you to your wildest dreams.

This pack utilizes some Genesis 3 Female Head and Body Morphs, along with some Victoria 7 morphs. Please start with either the full character or a fresh Genesis 3 Female model. Applying the face morph to an already morphed Victoria 7 will result in unintentional results. Genesis 3 Morphs and Victoria 7 are both needed to fully utilize this pack.

Roxanne was created on the Genesis 3 Female Base UV set, so her textures will work on any Genesis 3 Female character you wish.

Required Products: Victoria 7, Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs, Genesis 3 Female Head Morphs

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