Rough M7M7

Rough M7M7


Rough for M7M7 is a pose set made for Michael 7 and M7 (12 poses), and corresponding genital poses. Always SET LIMITS ON when prompted by DAZ Studio.

Needed Files:

Michael 7
Genesis 3 Male Genitals

Installation Instructions:

Unzip to your DAZ/content directory using an appropriate program. To install,  just unzip to your DAZ 3d Library directory using the paths and this file will install under /People and others. If you wish to manually install the files, unzip to a directory. File should be copied under the People folder etc.

Usage Tips or Limitations:

For DAZ Studio 4.9: Load Genesis 3 Male Base/M7. Apply Poses directly to M7 and the Gen poses. Keep limits ON when prompted.

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Download links:

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