Rossana G8F/V8F

Rossana G8F/V8F


Rossana is an highly realistic lady created for Genesis 8 Female and Victoria 8. Included are several options of make-ups and the option to have her genital zone in two versions:

- MAT for the add-on "Anatomy-G8F Genitalia" (genital textures for the Genitalia piece of G8F-V8)
- MAT for those who don't have the add-on "Anatomy-G8F Genitalia" (detailed genital textures painted on her skin without the need for extra add-ons)

Both skins with or without Genitalia Add-On come with two options: with or without pubic hair.

She was created distinctly for Artists who like realism in their renders.

DAZ files:

- Apply Head
- Remove Head
- Apply Body
- Remove Body
- MAT Iray
- MAT Body With G8F Genitalia With Hair
- MAT Body With G8F Genitalia No Hair
- MAT G8F Genitalia With Hair
- MAT G8F Genitalia No Hair
- MAT Body With Hair
- MAT Body No Hair
- 1 MAT Face Natural
- 8 MAT Face Make-ups
- 8 MAT Eye Colors
- 2 MAT Eye Sclera
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 8 MAT Lips Make-ups
- 4 MAT Lashes (to apply on the lashes separate figure of G8F)
- 1 MAT Eye Moisture (to apply on the Eye Moisture separate figure of G8F)

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it. Iray only.

Requirements: Genesis 8 Female Morphs, Victoria 8

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