RL Devices

RL Devices


This series includes devices and set of poses for slave girl - Genesis 3 Female and evil master - Genesis 3 Male

Set include:

1. A_Connector - hard lever with the ability to change the length, with cap locks.
2. Anal hook - device for anal torture, with adjustable tension and lock.
3. B_Connector - short hard lever with rotating locks
4. Collar with adjustable head tilt
5. Handcuffs with hard bond
6. Legs binder with hard bond and adjustable width
7. Post to torture slaves with adjustable lift

All props and figures - full rigging

The handcuffs, connector, legs binder, anal hook and collar have morphs, for to hide text, symbols and links.

One folder with 5 simples poses set for Genesis 3 Female and props, and second folder  with 11 action poses set for Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male and props. Total 95 poses.

Also includes genital poses for him and her.

Used genitalia:
For her - New gens for Victoria 7 by 3feetwolf
For him - Genesis 3 Male Genitalia

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