Rim Light Rig Iray


Rim Light Rig is a combination prop and multiple light set for figures, environments, and props. The dramatic effect is a halo outline and silhouette, that separates your main subject from the background adding dimension to your renders. The colorful spotlights and invisible light planes are parented to a non-rendering rig for easy positioning and scaling to fit your main subject. All lights follow a light pointer for the ability to focus attention where you want it.

There are 22 presets for the Spotlight Rig and 22 for the Light Plane rig, 44 total. Presets include a full spectrum rainbow and variations on brightness and shadow softness. Customizing beyond the presets is easy. You can change the spotlight color, spread angle, etc. and adjust the emission color, scale, 2-sided light, etc. for the invisible light planes. Use draw style Wire Texture Shaded.

To enhance the lighting effects of rim lighting, this set includes 13 adjustment shaders that illuminate a wide variety of translucent materials. These adjustments allow fabric to glow and transmit light like stained glass and give a halo effect to hair. More material adjustments are possible including grass, feathers, dragon wings, water, and leaves. To achieve the full effect, remove texture maps from any glossy channels.

- Try parenting the rig to a camera to retain rim lighting throughout the scene
- Use RLR in combination with depth of field for adding even more depth to your scene

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