Rikku For Genesis 3 Female

Rikku For Genesis 3 Female


Rikku is a young, fun, loving, Hispanic Actor with a splash of Asian.

She comes with 3 Skin Material (The skin is primarily used to emulate certain childlike traits such as softer skin, and lighter eye brow density). It also comes with 8 skin shader presets, to find the tone, just right for you, and your render.

4 Actor Presets, Preschool, Teen, Tween and Child. Giving you a more diverse Age Range to play with (Great for comic writers)

12 Lighting Presets Using the iRay Skydome.
6 Unique Morphs, and 3 Controller Morphs.

8 Finger and Toe Nail Shaders and One Fun Nail Material Preset.
8 Eye Materials

*Notes: You will need Zevo's Growing for Genesis 3 to dial her in properly.
*Notes: To get the full Effect of the actor, is recommended using the Alkyone Hair, with OOT Iray Hair Shader

Requirements: Growing up For Genesis 3

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