Render Studio 2.0 – Volumetric Plus


'Render Studio 2.0 Volumetric Plus' is a large studio space and is perfect for lighting small sets, single or multiple figures and props.

With over 45 studio lights, Render Studio 2.0 comes with its own unique volumetric atmosphere system. An easy to use projector system that allows beams of light to cut through the atmosphere as if it was pouring through a cathedral window. This is a fully 3D volumetric system and will give you true to life God-rays that will bring your scene lighting into the professional domain. The beams of light can be posed, positioned, colored and controlled just like any other light and render beautiful cinematic scenes.

Many of the lights including the projectors are now parented to a 'gimbal' controller allowing for much more ease when positioning the light. The light is always pointing at the subject, so targeting is not an issue. All of the lightings is based on classic film and photography lighting techniques. There are soft box's, hard lights, rim lights, specular and Rembrandt style portrait lights. There is even a multi-functional light and can be used to get really odd angles. All the lighting is unique to this version of Render Studio and will set the mood that you are looking for.

There are many new background and environment options. Background lights can easily have their beam shape changed with 12 different beam presets. Easily swap iRay environment dome lighting to go from a High Key studio setup to a Low key one and everything in between.

There are so many options for changing color, intensity, temperature, and materials. There are also four quick scenes to get you started right away. A 12 page PDF user guide and 8 monochromes render settings for that 'Noir' look too.

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