Render In A Box – Forsaken Corner


Tired of heavy props with over 1,000,000 polygons that weigh down your preview during design time, so it stutters for a few seconds each time you move the camera and take forever to render? Fed up with HDRI maps that limit your camera movement? Then you'll love the new "Render In A Box" (RIB) series!

This cool RIB: "Forsaken Corner" is an evolution from the popular "3D Photo Scenes", and includes a box mapped with a few photos as well as low rez props that give it some more life. This "light" scene is just 18k polygons big and will update quickly on your PC.

It will also look phenomenal since 90% of your art is how you place light and shadows. With 7 gorgeous Iray presets you're ready to render out of the box (literally)!

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