Relight is an invisible lighting rig geared towards bringing light back to both low dynamic range panoramas, and HDRI's with poor light output.

Low dynamic range photospheres are abundant online, however they contain very little exposure information, which results in very low contrast lighting. Even high dynamic range images can provide lackluster lighting quality, which requires additional hand placed lights. Relight can help in both of these scenarios. The goal of Relight is to provide a second invisible environment and light rig, so you can make lighting choices independent of the background.

How Relight works:

Tonemapping: The first step is to adjust highlights, blacks, saturation and gamma in order to bring contrast back to the resulting image. This is not required for HDR images. This only requires one click.

Environment sampling: Relight ships with a second invisible environment dome, with independently controllable exposure and color. Once you feed the environment your LDR/HDR image, it will cast light back to your character with more accurate color information.

Key and fill lights: These tertiary photometric lights will load in with the Relight environment and requires no further action unless you want to rotate the lights. Once again, these add more contrast to the character and finish the process.

Relight requires you to click a few presets and assign your LDR/HDR image in two locations, that's it. A full tutorial on how to use Relight is included.

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