Reflective Radiance for 3Delight


Reflective Radiance for 3Delight simulates real-world lighting as colors and light from nearby objects bounce onto each other. Similar to Iray, position your lights as you would in the real world. The big difference in setup time is that the lights retain the same strength regardless of distance from your subject. You have the ability to control the amount of light bouncing and occlusion level separately. All lights are easily adjusted using settings that are familiar.

You’ll add more realism and save setup time without the need for fill lights, by using scene props or plane primitives (just out of camera range) to bounce light around the scene. If you are new to 3Delight or coming back to it you will enjoy these advantages over Iray: The ability to turn off cast shadows, use AoA grass shaders, quicker atmospheric cameras, strong displacement effects, dark scenes without grain, and the easy use of skydomes.

There are 23 presets that use a combination of distant lights, reflective, and image-based lighting to depict different times of day, weather conditions, ground cover, and alien planets. For figures there is a three-light portrait setup and a set of spotlights for interiors. One preset, FauxRay, was finely tuned to mimic the light quality of the Iray Daytime Environment setting. Feel free to use any standard DAZ light in addition to or instead of the spotlights or distant lights included.

There are eight emissive light shaders that turn any surface into a light source when used with the Reflective Light. Turn the bounce level up on this light for the full effect.

DAZ Default surfaces render much faster in comparison with AoA Subsurface or omUberSurface. Reflective Radiance lights mimic some of the qualities in these shaders. If you need them, nine adjustment shaders are included to help convert surfaces for speed or from Iray materials. These adjustments do not have maps, they merely convert surfaces. Minimizing opacity/alpha maps will also help to speed up your renders.

Instructions are included with tips on adjusting surfaces and details about how to get the most out of these realistic lights. See the ReadMe.

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