Real Life Expressions for G8F & V8 – With Morphing Tears


This set includes 20 unique facial expressions for Genesis 8 Female(s) and V8 to give your characters face that special expression matching the pose in your scene.

Also included is a conforming and morphing TEARS prop to apply to your character. It will follow the shape of the characters-face automatically.

Included presets:

  • 20x full facial expressions
  • 1 zero expression preset
  • 1 Morphing Tears (wearable)
  • 5 unique morphs for the Tears (with dials)
  • 7 Morph presets for the Tears (See examples in Promos)
  • 1 Default (iray) shader for tears (You can apply any shader or color to the tears to change the effect if you like) No textures are needed.

The expressions will not change your pose. It will only change the facial expression.

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