Pretty Look for Genesis 8 Female(s)


If you want pretty Female Stocking & Pumps On the fly, then, this one is for you.

Included in this package:

  • Long Stocking
  • Pair of Pumps L & R (Available also as single L & R pumps)
  • 8 Material presets for Stocking
  • 15 color presets for the pumps
  • 2 Pose presets (Zero feet pose, & Pumps Heel feet pose)
  • For Pumps materials: select Both L & R pumps in the scenes tab, then apply Materials presets

** Stocking Supports Genesis 8 morphs through auto-follow

** Pumps have some FBMs pre-supported (Charlotte, Gia, Aiko, Girl, Zelara, Monique, Mei-Lin, Victoria, Penny, Chameleon ROse), Other morphs are supported by auto-follow.

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