Polar Bear dForce Pillow


Get your characters comfy with this dForce Polar Bear pillow.

A Scene Subset is provided to load the bear pillow with four geoshells which build up the fuzziness. Two dForce presets for soft and softer plus a second soft variation with a slightly higher Contraction/Expansion setting.

Material settings for Iray textures for the base bear pillow and each of the geoshells.


  • Turn off “Start Bones from Memorized Pose” to avoid starting from the Figure's default pose (T or A pose). You will likely want to set "Frames to Simulate" set to "Animated (Use Timeline Play Range)".
  • Lift the bear pillow slightly off the surface upon which you want it to land to simulate. You can add a plane or use an environment set's floor or other primitive.
  • If you experience any problems rendering and suspect it is the number of GeoShells, you can control their visibility in the Scene tab.
  • Keep figure's body from starting the simulation with any part inside the pillow. You want the figure to push down or into the pillow as it simulates. Watch Mada's informative video for more info.

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