Planet Earth UTRA HD 32K for Iray


This product was designed with professional studios and TV commercial projects in mind. Planet Earth UTRA HD for Iray provides a hyper-realistic planetscape environment with massive textures; (32,000 x 16,000) that push Daz to its limits, but will provide crisp and richly detailed results.

The base texture alone is so large (over 500 MB in size) that it is unable to be saved in JPG or PNG format (TIFF only). If your GPU cannot accommodate such large textures, also included are reduced 16K and 8K versions as well. So the everyday hobbyist and artist can also make use of the earth without the need for expensive computer setups.

BONUS: Also included is a sample scene with the same SkyDome, cameras, and lighting used in the promo images, so you can immediately begin producing amazing renders in minutes. This is a perfect template to begin creating your space scenes; add astronauts, add satellites, meteors, alien invasions, whatever suits your needs.

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