Pix Koko for Victoria 7 and Aiko 7


Koko is a teenager with a class of her own. Her big eyes and cute chibi tattoos make her stand out from the crowd. She is based from Victoria 7 and Aiko 7, a well-blended morph of an anime and a realistic character. Koko is a collaborative work with Inspector Owlen, an aspiring young artist who specializes in manga and chibi drawings. His works are popular among the gaming community at school and online.

Koko comes with 8 arm tattoos and remove tattoo mats. These are one-click options where the tattoo can be placed on area of preference. Koko also comes with a full mat base skin, 9 eye colors, 4 lash options, 6 eyelash colors, 7 eyeshadows, 2 full face makeups and 8 lip colors.

All tattoo options are 100% hand drawn. Koko will add a touch of cuteness to your renders!

Required Products: Victoria 7, Aiko 7, Genesis 3 Female Morphs

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