Pin-Up Gynoid Phase2 for G3F/V7

Pin-Up Gynoid Phase2 for G3F/V7


Pin-Up Gynoid Phase2 for G3F/V7 set is designed to produce photorealistic imagery, for this reason only Iray MDL compliant Mats/Shaders are Provided.

Including 4 one-click Pin-Up Gynoid2 character presets (Shape and Materials) + 2 utility poses to show/hide legs.

Special "Any G3F" materials presets included to apply Gynoid materials on any of your preferred character affecting only (fingernails; toenails; arms; legs and torso) surfaces.

This product is not a Merchant Resource.


- Pin-Up Gynoid2 character requires Genesis 3 Female Head Morphs
- Due to technical reasons, no wearable presets included in this set!
- Propulsors are smartproped items and with the help of the included morphs can easily adjust to the character in special conditions (ex: seating pose).
- Is recommend to pose knees in zero position to avoid poke.

To make the "set" more versatile, 42 custom morphs were created and 8 JCM added to the skirt.

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