Phx Sean for Michael 8

Phx Sean for Michael 8


Sean is a complete, custom character package for Daz3d's Michael 8. His head is a Zbrush custom sculpt built off of Michael 8's face. He has been optimized for Iray. Not only does he come with Normal, Bump and Displacement maps to enhance the details of his textures, but he comes with custom fibermesh hair for his face, chest and anatomy.

What is included:

Fibermesh Hair Attachments for Sean
Asymmetrical Facial Scruff/Beard
Asymmetrical Chest Hair
Pubic Hair

1 Actor file (loads Head morph and textures for figure and eyelashes at once)
1 Custom Head Apply/Rem
1 Optional 2nd Body shape (requires Genesis 8 Male Body shapes to use)
1 Apply All Textures (figure, eyelashes and genitals)
1 Apply All Textures without Genitals (figure and eyelashes)
4 Eye Texture Options (2 are emissive)
2 Facial Options (with and without sideburns)
2 Facial Options without eyebrows (with and without sideburns)
1 Wounded Left Hand Option
2 Genital textures (circumcised and uncircumcised)
2 Pose files to change Genitals to match texture applied
1 Lash Style
1 Click Options to turn Normal Maps On and Off
1 Click Option to lower Translucency

Bonus added
1 New, natural eye option utilizing improved UV mapping and cornea Normal map
2 Utility Morphs (Adam’s Apple and Iris Concave Shape)

Material Option:

Daz3d Studio Iray (.duf)

Genesis 8 Male Base UV maps

Requirements: Genesis 8 Male Morphs, Michael 8

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