Phx Ohanzi for Genesis 8 Male

Phx Ohanzi for Genesis 8 Male


An alternate spelling of Shadow in the Lakota language, Ohanzi, whose appearance is based on elements of the Hunkpapa, is a character package for the Genesis 8 male base.

He is a custom sculpt, refined in Zbrush (no need for morph packages), with a complete texture set (two anatomical elements included) and a version of his face without brows. His eyes utilize new UVs, saving on memory and load times without sacrificing image fidelity, with five eye colors to choose from. He also has an Iris Concave morph to help reflect light more naturally. Additional files offer one-click solutions to turn Normal maps on and off, lower translucency and lower skin shine.

Ohanzi has a variety of fibermesh attachments as well. There are two scalp options, one fairly close-cropped and the other a type of Mohawk styled after the way many Pawnee wore their hair. Each one has a morph to make the hair longer. He also has fibermesh brows and lashes. There are three color options for his hair and four for his brows, including one for his painted texture option.

Ohanzi carries a secret with him. Like an alter ego, he is also Wanagi: a ghost. This pale, hand-painted texture option, worn and scuffed (with one matching Anatomical Element), also comes with a LIE preset to make it more pockmarked as well.

Finally, Ohanzi carries a small puzzle with him wherever he goes and is strangely fixated on it, trying to unlock its mysteries.

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