World’s Greatest Pose Converter (G3 to G8)


Why is this the World's Greatest G3F/G3M to G8F/G8M pose converter? It's automatic!

Install the data folder to your DAZ3D library and check out the Pose Controls on your G8.

You'll find a BRAND NEW G3 Pose section containing a full body ERC pose dial to automatically transpose your G8's arms and legs to match G3.

With this dial on, ALL G3 POSES WORK AUTOMATICALLY. No fiddling, no fuss, NO SCRIPTS.

In addition to the base adjustment, this has special JCMs that AUTOMATICALLY dial in adjustments when the thighs are bent.


  • G3M to G8M World's Greatest Pose Converter
  • G3F to G8F World's Greatest Pose Converter

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Note: If you find an error where GD says you need permission to access a file, just report it. It's easy to fix. We are constantly restoring access to these GD files.