UHT2: Fantasy Colors


UHT2: Fantasy Colors is a huge set of addtional textures and scalp colors for UHT2: Ultimate Color. A large selection of fantasy colors, rainbow blends, and neon colors are included. This set will add 39 additional blend colors to UHT2 Color Mixer (part of UHT2: Ultimate Color) as well, expanding your color mixing possibilities exponentially.

UHT2: Fantasy Colors includes multiple shades each of Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Aqua, Rose, and Yellow, as well as 4 Rainbow blends and 4 Neon colors, and a special "Pearlescent White". These same base colors and 6 additional shades are included in the Color Mixer list of Blend Colors, which can be mixed with each other or with the colors included in UHT2: Ultimate color, meaning you will be able to blend, streak, layer and color with 64 total blend colors and 42 masks for an endless variety of possibilities. What's more, these colors can be blended with the original hair textures that come with the hair model you are using. Results with original textures can vary.

Be sure to check out the UHT2 User's Guide for instructions and links to instructional videos. This might be the most fun you can have creating the perfect look for your characters' hair.

Required Products: UHT2: Ultimate Color

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