Swank dForce Pantsuit for Genesis 8 Females


Swank - a dForce pantsuit for the Genesis 8 Female(s). Glamorous, feminine and swanky - just what to expect of this fall's fashion!

What you get:

This package includes dForce a pantsuit made for the Genesis 8 Female shapes and Aiko8, Charlotte8, Girl8, Mika8, Monique8, Olympia8, Penny8 Sakura8, Stephanie8, TeenJosie8 and Victoria8.

Included morphs have been smoothed and adjusted for better fit. Other body morphs supported by Auto-Follow.

Please note that the pantsuit will not work well without dForce.

Included figures:

  • Swank Pantsuit (duf)

Material Presets Iray:

  • 8 Material Presets for the pantsuit

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