SV’s Adorned in Pearls Genesis 3 and 8 Females


Adorned in Pearls for Genesis 3 Female (also works on Genesis 8).

  • 10 Pairs of Earring Props (Left & Right)
  • 03 Circlets Props
  • 03 Bonus Necklace Props
  • 08 Pearl Shaders
  • 12 Metal Shaders

All shaders are in IRAY only due to the nature of the intended look.


  • Some of this set has been re-fit from "Adorned in Pearls" Victoria 4 version
  • New items have been added & some have been removed
  • All jewelry loads as parented PROPS (not figures)
  • Adjustments are to be done with the Translate dials and should take minimal effort to dial into place (mostly for necklaces)
  • Jewelry will also work on Genesis 2 and 8 with some adjustments
  • When posing, it is easy to simply select jewelry (mainly the necklaces) and use the dials to re-position
  • There is no distortion on the pearls, as they are all PROPS as the original Victoria 4 set also loaded as props

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