SPICY – Masala V4

SPICY - Masala


SPICY is a line of realistically beautiful girls made by Tempesta3d. Life is full of colors and flavors and these lovely ladies are an amazing part of them.

Masala blends beauty and strength into her wonderous female form. she is sweet but spicey in her own exotic way.

She is made for V4 only. You don't need any extra morph pack for the head because is a custom morph. For the body INJ-REM you need the morphs++

Her textures were created using high definition pictures of real skin in order to make her very realistic. The MAT files are using SSS so this product will work only for the Poser versions 9 and above.

MAT Files created to be perfectly compatible also with the new Superfly render system of Poser 11 and also the Firefly render system.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Head
- REM Head
- INJ Body
- REM Body
- MAT Masala
- MAT Body No Hair
- MAT Body With Hair
- 1 MAT Arm No Tattoo
- 1 MAT Arm Tattoo
- 1 MAT Body No Tattoo
- 2 MAT Body Tattoo
- 5 MAT Eyes
- 1 MAT Face Natural
- 7 MAT Face Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 5 MAT Lips Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Nails Natural
- 5 MAT Nail Colors

Spice up your renders with our ladies!

The MATs in this package will NOT work on Daz. To have Iray Mats for Masala please get the FREE Expansion pack here:


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