Riding Academy For Futalicious And Dicktator (Update June 2021)

Riding Academy For Futalicious And Dicktator


Riding Academy is a set of morphs and texture set for Dicktator or Futalicious that will shape the gen to a wild horsy look! You first transform the human shape to a horsy one, then 60+ dedicated morphs will allow you to customize the shape! And if you're lazy, dialable shaping presets are included.

Update June 2021:

  • Added support for Futalicious 3.2 and Full Monty BBQ;
  • Added selector scripts.

Required Products: Roasty Add-On For Genesis 8 Female, Dicktator For Genesis 8 Male, Futalicious For Genesis 8 Female, Roasty Add-On For Genesis 3 Female, Dicktator For Genesis 3 Male, Futalicious For Genesis 3 Female 

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