Neanderthal 9 Pro Bundle


Expand on pre-history from the Neanderthal 9 Starter Bundle and move into the world of fantasy with the dwarven-inspired Neanderthal 9 Pro Bundle.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Neanderthal 9
  • Neanderthal 9 Alt Shapes Bundle
  • Neanderthal 9 Starter Bundle
  • Neanderthal 9 HD Add-On
  • Neanderthal 9 Dwarf Shape Add-On
  • Neanderthal 9 Female Shape Add-On
  • Neanderthal 9 Skinnier Shape Add-On
  • Relentless Attack Armor for Genesis 9
  • dForce Padrino Outfit for Genesis 9
  • Stone Age Strands - Hair and Beard for Genesis 9
  • Dwarf Braided Hair and Beard for Genesis 9
  • dForce Pellae Outfit for Genesis 9
  • JW Wild Past Expressions for Neanderthal 9
  • M3D Anvils Pride Axes for Genesis 9

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