Naughty Device DS


For captivating moments the right device!

You get:

  • Naughty Device Figure (Poseable)
  • 5 Poses for Genesis 3 Female (+5 Poses for the Device)
  • 5 Poses for Genesis 8 Female (+5 Poses for the Device)
  • Zero Pose for the Device

Naughty Device Morphs:

  • Move Bar01, Move Bar01L, Move Bar01R
  • Move Bar02, Move Bar02L, Move Bar02R
  • Move Shackle Down Left, Move Shackle Down Right
  • Move Shackle Up Left, Move Shackle Up Right
  • Rotate Shackle DL, Rotate Shackle DR
  • Rotate Shackle UL, Rotate Shackle UR

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