Leviathan Suit for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Leviathan Suit for Genesis 8 Females is the new sci-fi suit from Midnight_stories. It’s a flexible suit that has Hard edge detail on it, with emissive shader to give it a glow effect. The 8K maps on the normal map make it super high in detail.

As a bonus, the suit comes with 2 unique flat morphs that get applied to the stand-alone suit, so it can be placed on a floor or bed and looks like natural clothing.

The set comes with 6 car paint shaders and the same wearable presets for easy loading. There’s a matching gun prop with 7 poses to get you started. This will be great for all your sci-fi scenes, be on the lookout for the Genesis 8 Males and expansion packs to go with it.

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