IDG Iray Hair Essentials Shaders

IDG Iray Hair Essentials Shaders


Add fresh colors to your favorite hairstyles. IDG Iray Hair Essential Shader presets is like a new texture set for multiple hair products in one convenient package. You get 72 presets created using the Iray Uber shader that is standard in Daz Studio 4.8+. IDG Iray Hair Essentials will not overwrite any existing transparencies, so you will always get the correct look. It is the perfect compliment to all of the IG Iray Essentials skin collections for your favorite figures.

There are 19 unique, natural hair textures based on photographic resources, each with a corresponding height map, translucency, glossy and normal map. Each hair color has two subtle variations, to give a very natural, layered result when using similar or contrasting presets on individual material zones within one hair model. 16 wild and exotic, one white and one grey color top off the set to allow additional customization.

Note: IDG Iray Hair Essential Shader presets will work perfectly on any hair with vertical texture maps. Results will vary for other hair types based on the item's UV mapping and material zones.

All of the included shader presets use the Iray Uber shader that comes with DAZ Studio 4.8+.

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