HM Pandora Bundle


HM Pandora and HM Reen Outfit is a young powerful magical and technological warrior, she controls her HM Battle Axe with power gems that concentrate her energy to unleash her power, her style is a bit mixing Gothic and Sci-Fi, it is designed for Genesis 9 taking advantage of its improvements in terms of shaders and geometry.

This Bundle includes:

  • dForce HM Reen Outfit for Genesis 9
  • HM Reen Accessories for Genesis 9
  • HM Reen High Heel Shoes for Genesis 9
  • HM Reen Battle Axe for Genesis 9
  • HM Reen Outfit Add-On Textures
  • HM Reen Accessories Add-On Textures
  • HM Reen High Heel Shoes Add-On Textures
  • HM Pandora HD for Genesis 9
  • HM Pandora Makeup Add-On
  • HM Pandora 8K Skin Textures Add-On

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