Hanako 9 Pro Bundle


Hanako 9 Pro Bundle brings you everything from the starter bundle and expands you further into the world of Cosplay with 4 outfits, 2 hairs, makeup, alt shapes, and poses, you're ready for anything!

This Bundle Includes:

  • Hanako 9
  • Hanako 9 Starter Bundle
  • Hanako 9 Alt Shape Bundle
  • Hanako 9 HD Add-On
  • Hanako 9 Ample Shape Add-On
  • Hanako 9 Taller Shape Add-On
  • Hanako 9 Voluptuous Shape Add-On
  • dForce Cosplay Style Jellyfish Hair and Hat for Genesis 9 and 8 Female
  • X-Fashion Cute Fuzzy Outfit for Genesis 9
  • dForce KuJ Cute Maid Cafe Outfit for Genesis 9
  • dForce Ranja Outfit for Genesis 9
  • Makeup System - Japanese Style LIE Makeup for Genesis 9
  • dForce Dokidoki Hair for Genesis 9
  • dForce Titan Clothing Set for Genesis 9
  • Douyin Lens for Genesis 9
  • QX Cutie Poses and Expressions for Hanako 9

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