Genesis 8 Female Geograft For Genesis 9


Genesis 8 Female Skin Geograft for Genesis 9.

Use it for applying your favourite G8F character's materials to Genesis 9 model.

Since  the Genesis 8 Fem Geograft for Genesis 9 has the same Scene ID and the  same surfaces, as a default G8F, you don't have to assign textures to it  manually, so the process itself is pretty simple:

  • Load Genesis 9 Model in your scene and select it
  • Load Genesis 8 Fem GGFT
  • Now select Genesis 8 Fem GGFT under Genesis 9 hierarchy
    • (optional) Load Genesis 8 Fem Genitalia for GGFT in its turn, if you like
  • Make sure Genesis 8 Fem GGFT is still selected and load your preferred  G8F materials as you normally would do it for Genesis 8 Female. 5). Enjoy!

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Note: If you find an error where GD says you need permission to access a file, just report it. It's easy to fix. We are constantly restoring access to these GD files.