Foot Customization Kit for Genesis 3 Female


The Foot Customization Kit is a package of morphs that will give artists the ability to define a huge variety of different foot shapes including: anatomically correct widening and narrowing of the feet, lengthening and shortening morphs for each toe, defining morphs for each toe, a defining morph for the sole, rotation morphs for the 'ring' and 'pinky' toe, as well as one whole foot morph that contrasts to the default foot.

Also included is the minimize sole creases morph which lessens the appearance of the anatomically incorrect sole creases that exist in the base Genesis 3 Female figure.

Obviously, not all people have the same exact feet in real life (life would be much easier for shoemakers if they did.), so this kit is a must have for character creators with an eye for detail who will like finally having customization options from head to toe.

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